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Where to watch birds in Lisbon

In this page you can find information about the best places to find birds in the Portuguese capital
Birding Lisbon
Monteiro-Mor Park

Close to the Museu do Traje, the Monteiro-Mor park is
one of the most pleasant in the whole town. It is an
excellent area to watch passerines.
Garden of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

This is a pleasant garden with large trees and a lake.
It is a rather quiet place which is quite suitable for
birdwatching. It is the best place in Lisbon to see the

Matinha lies on the shore of the Tagus, very close to
its estuary. It is one of the best places in town to watch
waterbirds. The large roost of cormorants stands out.

In the Belém area, it is possible to watch several
waterbirds along the river - mainly gulls but also some
Tapada da Ajuda

Close to the Monsanto Park lies Tapada da Ajuda,
ehich is one of the largest green areas in town. Almost
every species of terrestrial birds that occur in Lisbon
can be found here.
Cais do Sodré

Lying close to the Tagus river, the Cais do Sodré area
stands out in winter, beaucse of its large roost of
Common Starlings.
Monsanto Forest

This is the largest park of Lisbon. It holds a wide
variety of bird species and is undoubtedly the best
place in town for tree-dwelling species.
Parque das Nações

One of the most recent parts of Lisbon, the Parque
das Nações area was built up at the place where
Expo'98 took place. It lies in the eastern most part of
Lisbon, close to the river Tagus.
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