Birding Lisbon
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Did you know that...

  • 134 different species of birds have been recorded in Lisbon?

  • there are Red-legged Partridges in Tapada da Ajuda?

  • there is a Cormorant roosting site close to "Expo"?

  • in Monsanto Forest it is possible to see four species of tits?

  • it is quite easy to find 50 different species of birds within the city

This site has been created in order to make birders and nature
friends aware of the rich birdlife of Portugal's capital and make it
possible for everyone to closely enjoy the birds that occur in town.

The section
Where to watch comprises a list of the best
birdwatching sites; for each of them, tghe most representative
species are mentioned.

In the section
50 easy species a selection of quite common birds
is presented; all these species can be found quite easily, provided
that their habitat is visited at the appropriate time of year.

Finally, we provide a complete
checklist of all species recorded in
Lisbon until the present date.
Flamingos at Matinha, January 2009
Night Heron at Montes Claros, February 2009
The large roost of Cormorants in the eastern part of town. In January 2009, a record 189 individuals were counted here.
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