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Birding Lisbon
Cais do Sodré
Lying close to the Tagus river, the Cais do Sodré area stands out in winter, beaucse of its large roost of
Common Starlings.
Pallid Swift, Black-headed Gull, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Common Starling
in the southern part of town,
very close to the river

Green Line (Cais do Sodré)


Opening hours
does not close

Cais do Sodré holds a large roost of Common Starlings and the moment when the birds come from their
feeding areas and fly into the trees is a show that deserves attention. The show happens at sunset from
November to February - shortly after 5 p.m., the birds start to arrive in large flocks and build up their roost in
the tress around the railway station (there are more roosts along the river, namely at Campo das Cebolas
and close to Santa Apolónia railway station). For more pictures of the birds and their roost, please click

During spring and summer, the starlings are not present, however the Pallid Swifts can be seen flying low
over the roofs of the nearby houses, where they breed.

Just like elsewhere in town, the shore of the river Tagus is formed by a along wall, which is rather unsuitable
for waterbirds as a feeding area and this means that waders are not to be found here. However, gulls are
numerous, with Black-headed and Lesser Black-backed being the commonest species. During periods of
bad weatherm the Mediterranean Gull sometimes turns up.
During winter months, at sunset, large flocks of Common Starlings fly into the trees of Cais do Sodré, where they spend the night
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